This is the first in a series I call "Geeks United," for all of us geeks out there! And in celebration of valentine's day, who doesn't need love??

Mario and Peach Wedding Cake Topper
   Made by HILDOOM 

Oh how embarrassing, Mario! You have to stand on a block to reach your fiance. Well, maybe a mushroom will come out. Let's hope Bowser doesn't ruin this beautiful wedding!

Cherry Bobomb & Pac-Man Ghost In Love
   Made by NerdJerk 


Looks like the bad guys can love too!

Custom Mushroom Hat
   Made by ImSewCrafty

A mushroom hat! The best way to force your geek hood onto your significant other! Not only will wearing it make both of you look like the toad, the ladies-man of Mario world, but you'll know (s)he really loves you!

Pikachu & Latias Love Cards
   Made by DeanZDesignZ

Pikachu wants you to be his valentine! And it looks like those two snuggle bugs already found theirs.


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