This is the first in a series I call "Geeks United," for all of us geeks out there! And in celebration of valentine's day, who doesn't need love??

Mario and Peach Wedding Cake Topper
   Made by HILDOOM 

Oh how embarrassing, Mario! You have to stand on a block to reach your fiance. Well, maybe a mushroom will come out. Let's hope Bowser doesn't ruin this beautiful wedding!

Cherry Bobomb & Pac-Man Ghost In Love
   Made by NerdJerk 


Looks like the bad guys can love too!

Custom Mushroom Hat
   Made by ImSewCrafty

A mushroom hat! The best way to force your geek hood onto your significant other! Not only will wearing it make both of you look like the toad, the ladies-man of Mario world, but you'll know (s)he really loves you!

Pikachu & Latias Love Cards
   Made by DeanZDesignZ

Pikachu wants you to be his valentine! And it looks like those two snuggle bugs already found theirs.

I have officially made my first notebook! I featured Norbert, my shop mascot, on the cover and have posted it on Etsy to make a customized journal with your shop design/logo. I'm keeping this baby for myself, lol!

It is a pamphlet stitch which means that I just took cardstock for the cover and lightweight paper on the inside, and threaded a 7-hole stitch pattern, which means it's very sturdy.

Neytiri Avatar Bracelet ($15.95)

This is a replica bracelet worn by the character Neytiri in James Cameron's new movie Avatar. It is approximately 50 bamboo strung with elastic string adjustable to the arm.

Definitely an amazing bracelet for an amazing movie.

Made by IslandStyleJewelry

Peace Chinese character necklace ($12.00)

This is a necklace with a black and silver charm that features the Chinese symbol for "peace." It hangs on a black faux suede necklace that measures 18 inches.

Can come gift wrapped!

Made by pinkbubble

Coupon Book Organizer ($16.00)

This organizer will help you save money! It's an organizer for your coupons! Easily access them in the supermarket line with the separated categories...
Canned goods
Personal Care

Made by ChrissyWatson

Brown Slouchy Hat Vegan Knit Tam ($18.00)

A dark brown unisex slouchy knit hat made with 100% acrylic yarn. It stretches to fit any size!

Use it to keep warm or just to look good!

Made by lostmitten

Coexist Peace TShirt ($9.99!)

This is a black tshirt that ranges from sizes small to extra large.
The shirt features the word Coexist written very uniquely. This term is commonly used for developing an understanding of Christianity, Jewish, and Muslim religions (please correct me if I'm wrong.)
This is an amazing shirt at a great holiday sale price - I'm definitely thinking about purchasing this for myself!

Made by jamjamtees:

Mini Stitchy Pouch in Black and Pink ($20.00)

This is a wonderfully handmade pouch that has a great web-looking design made out of pink thread. The pouch is a multi-purpose holder with a white inside that compliments the pink zipper very well.

Made by MilkAndHoneyHandbags:

Kirby SuperStar Shirt ($37.00)

 This is a very cute, dark blue, tshirt that features a felt kirby sewn onto the side. Not much else to say except that it's very well done!

Made by ThePetiteChouette:

Mustard Chandelier Jacket ($37.00)
This stylish, cotton jacket is fitted to your custom size! It has a gray lining and faux front pockets for a classy look.
Help support this college student!

Made by elizabethnormand:

"Twigs" Suede Leather Journal ($46.00)

This has to be one of my favorite etsiers. The journals are hand painted onto a soft cover with smooth paper on the inside.
It was very difficult for me to choose just one to feature, because they're all so different and unique. They come in more than just this color and feature an original design on the cover. Go check out that rest!

Made by Kreativlink:

Roses are Dead Ruffle Skirt ($45.00)

Difficult to see in the picture, this great skirt has a string - allowing it to fit many different sizes. The maximum size is about 18. I'm considering personally buying this for my friend!

Made by thehippiechicksews.

Dream Believe Receieve Box ($10.00)

Ever heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction? That's what this box is all about! With the help of this box, you can get anything you want! If you believe that sort of thing :).

Made by breatheofthedragon.

PIF Cute Black Emo Lion Tshirt ($0.50!)

This is a handmade t-shirt that features a picture of a cute emo lion on the front - and the words CRITTERSIZED on the back.
But the best thing about this shirt is that it's a PIF (pay it forward,) for those of you who don't know- that means it's cheap. This seller is selling it for .50 + shipping - all she wants in return is that you do something nice, or list your own PIF.

Made by threadwithlove

Palm Tree Guitar Pick Necklace ($30.00)

 This is a very cool necklace made out of a guitar pick! How creative! And great quality too! Works for both men and woman.
This is a bit random but I love the pictures from this seller. Haha.

Made by StoneLinkDesigns

Holiday Journal ($7.00!)

This is a holiday decorated journal made from a composition notebook. I love it!

Made by whiskeycreekcreation

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I'm a 16 year old boy in high school who loves to draw. In school, I spend most of my time doodling, it just makes the time fly! In psychology, we learned about a flow state consciousness. It's that mood you get in when you're doing something you love - everything just seems right, the time flies, and the end product is amazing. This is how I feel when I do art - it's what makes me happy.

I hope to further my career as an artist through etsy, it's given me a great opportunity to gain confidence and progress myself, hopefully I'll gain enough experience to one day call myself a professional.

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