Roses are Dead Ruffle Skirt ($45.00)

Difficult to see in the picture, this great skirt has a string - allowing it to fit many different sizes. The maximum size is about 18. I'm considering personally buying this for my friend!

Made by thehippiechicksews.

Dream Believe Receieve Box ($10.00)

Ever heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction? That's what this box is all about! With the help of this box, you can get anything you want! If you believe that sort of thing :).

Made by breatheofthedragon.

PIF Cute Black Emo Lion Tshirt ($0.50!)

This is a handmade t-shirt that features a picture of a cute emo lion on the front - and the words CRITTERSIZED on the back.
But the best thing about this shirt is that it's a PIF (pay it forward,) for those of you who don't know- that means it's cheap. This seller is selling it for .50 + shipping - all she wants in return is that you do something nice, or list your own PIF.

Made by threadwithlove

Palm Tree Guitar Pick Necklace ($30.00)

 This is a very cool necklace made out of a guitar pick! How creative! And great quality too! Works for both men and woman.
This is a bit random but I love the pictures from this seller. Haha.

Made by StoneLinkDesigns

Holiday Journal ($7.00!)

This is a holiday decorated journal made from a composition notebook. I love it!

Made by whiskeycreekcreation


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